Westlaw Contract Management

Get an overview of contract portfolio performance and risk Discover how easy it is to streamline contract management with HighQ Get a complete view of contract status, monitor metrics and KPIs, and use AI and data visualization tools to gain actionable insights. manage risk and maximize value. Reduce turnaround times with powerful contract collaboration Improve responsiveness and reduce time to value with self-service contracts. HighQ enables business users to generate contracts from automated templates and clause libraries to ensure speed, accuracy, and compliance. HighQ provides a central hub for end-to-end contract management, allowing you to automate contract creation and approval, identify and manage risk, and monitor commitments and compliance, all in a secure collaborative platform. HighQ provides configurable contract approval workflows (with DocuSign integration) to ensure that your agreements are properly approved and executed efficiently. Like AI-based contract analysis, the efficiencies of modern legal services seamlessly bring you together with others to protect against risk and close deals as quickly as possible while maintaining a complete audit trail. Learn how AI-powered contract analysis tools relieve lawyers of the relentless administrative work and give them more time to assess and mitigate risk, identify opportunities, and provide key insights to their businesses and clients. Digitally optimize the creation and management of your agreements. Design, negotiate, execute, and track all contracts in one central, transparent location. Learn how Chapman uses Tripp Contract Express to deliver reliable, robust, and comprehensive document automation work to new customers.

Generate documents by filling out dynamic web forms – also known as questionnaires – that are automatically created from your templates. Take advantage of document automation with Contract Express Contract Express easily integrates with Microsoft® SharePoint, Salesforce, iManage™, NetDocs®, HighQ, DocuSign, and Adobe Sign®. Installation and configuration are simple and require very little technical expertise. Trust our document automation specialists to support you throughout the implementation process. Contract Express is the plain text automation software used by our clients and their clients to quickly design, approve, negotiate and execute documents of any kind. This case study describes exactly how Chapman uses Tripp Contract Express to provide new customers with reliable, robust, and comprehensive document automation work. The company has since discovered a diversified return on investment: « You can be sure that everything you need to solve a problem, you will be able to build it. » Streamline your documentation process with Contract Express, improve collaboration with customers, and lead to consistent, error-free documents. With intuitive markup, compliance, and relevance tools, Contract Express automates and simplifies the design process. more time to focus on better quality work. How HighQ helped Thomson Reuters` legal department create a more efficient workflow ecosystem Automate and quickly update even the most complex legal documents without programmers. This is the Contract Express difference. We understand how lawyers work.

That`s why Contract Express is the first choice for leading law firms and management consultants around the world. Support your in-house legal team with intuitive questionnaire technology, simple approval workflows, and powerful reporting. Configure your documents for automation directly in Microsoft Word with simple notation. Getting started is easy but powerful enough to handle the most complex tasks. .